Self-Assist Workstation

Workstations equipped with the corresponding hardware and professional software will be provided for Campus Users to perform some fundamental diagnosis, checking and maintenance in a DIY manner. Functions of the Self-Assist Workstation will include:

  1. Virus and Trojan Scanning

    Virus and Trojan Scanning

    Students and staff is able to scan the storage device using anti-virus software

  2. Data Backup

    Data Backup

    Students and staff is able to backup their invaluable course assignments, projects using professional data backup software

  3. Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    Students and staff can try to recover file which is accidently deleted or damaged using professional recovery software

  4. Scan and Fax Service

    Scan and Fax Service

    Students and staff can scan and fax document using our machine

  5. Media Disk Production Copier

    Media Disk Production Copier

    Students association is able to produce their media disk for distribution